Welcome to Top Runner’s & Oisco Italians
To me collaboration and sharing are key 
inspirations driving this hobby. As friends Teija and I have a long history and it was when Teija realized she needed to have an Italian Greyhound that our contact was re-established after several years. Now Teija and I share the love of our dogs although they make up two different packs. Björn and Gerda live with Teija,  Lillan and Euphoria live me and there is more to come of course. To be able to learn from each other and the more experienced breeders is a joy and a richness. Teija has a history in racing Greyhounds and has bred some real rocket racers. I have had an interest in the beauty, health and especially the fine lines of (Dervisch) Italian greyhounds since 2009.
We are also both active in the Finnish Italian Greyhound association.

 You are most welcome to join us in the work for healthy and loving homebred Italian Greyhounds 
Kattis Honkanen & Teija Pajula